The RELEVANT program has been put on hold for 2014.

The RELEVANT Alumni Group Show will run from August 16 - October 26, 2014 at the Kimball Art Center Main Gallery.

RELEVANT is an 8-day artist-in-residence focusing on sculpture, painting, mixed media and photography at the Kimball Art Center.

The program is designed to give five under-grad or graduate-level students the knowledge and platform necessary to become a successful, full-time career artist. Relevant provides the participants with one-on-one, in-studio sessions with a commercially-viable, working artist mentor, panel discussions and networking events with art industry professionals and collectors.

The program culminates with an exclusive exhibition in the Main Gallery of the Kimball Art Center running from August to September. Artists' works are displayed during the Park City Kimball Arts Festival. This event is considered to be one of the top art festivals in the country which attracts over 57,000 art enthusiasts.

As a participant you will forever be a part of the RELEVANT family and will be invited back to participate in all future RELEVANT exhibitions.