The RELEVANT program has been put on hold for 2014.

The RELEVANT Alumni Group Show will run from August 16 - October 26, 2014 at the Kimball Art Center Main Gallery.



Stephanie Clark

University of Utah

BFA, Painting & Drawing

Stephanie Kelly was born in Portland, Oregon. Her family later moved to a farm in the small town of Urbana, Missouri where she grew up. Stephanie comes from an Irish family of five, which consists of one brother, and two sisters, one of them being her twin. Stephanie has always had a passion for art and being creative in whatever life gives her. Great family and friends have always supported her throughout all her creative endeavors. Even though she’s loved cultivating her hand at art during her high-school years, her passion for creating art really blossomed while attending Dixie State College in southern Utah 2006. She never really thought of pursuing art as something other than a simple hobby until she decided to take some painting classes from Dixie State College Instructor/Artist Del Parson. While studying under Del Parson, her skills in drawing and painting began to grow.

Stephanie then decided to take her art education further, studying her undergrad in Painting and Drawing at the University of Utah; where she graduated Fall of 2011. In Stephanie’s experience at the University of Utah, she had learned by many of her instructors Artists’/Instructor’s John O’Connell and John Erickson in whom feels has really pushed her to grow creatively and conceptually in her work.

While at the University of Utah’s Painting/Drawing program; Stephanie had explored many mediums and ways of creating art. It wasn't till she took a course from Artist/Instructor Sam Wilson who gave her the option to work with whatever medium she desired. That was when she discovered her love for working with embroidery, thread drawings (drawing with her sewing machine), and consciously employing both traditional and innovative techniques. From the beginning, the process of transforming string into art has struck her as magical. That magical process has had its way with her, leading her from hobby to fine art. Embroidery fills her with a sense of accomplishment and integrity, and has proven a most amenable means of expression for translating her inner visions to outer reality. Since then, most of Stephanie’s work consists of fiber art, mixing paint and thread on pattern fabrics. Stephanie loves the idea of painting with thread.

Stephanie is currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah with her dearest husband/Sculptor Artist Robin Clark. She spends most of her time sewing, painting, and pursuing any avenue to exploring the creative process.


Etsuko Kato

University of Utah

BFA, Photography

Etsuko was born a daughter of a traditional Japanese Sushi chef in Japan. She grew up as ordinary Japanese girl who went to cram school every day after school and graduated from University in Tokyo.

She decided to go back to school at the University of Utah in 2007 to study economics; during that time she had a chance to take a non-major photography class. It seemed like fate, she fell in love with cameras and Black and White photography. Etsuko started her 3rd bachelor in Fine Arts at University of Utah in 2010 and she is still studying photography.

“I am looking for myself through the lens. Sometimes old mechanical cameras capture my mind and I can learn about myself from the pictures. I love those moments and I want to know more about myself. I will keep looking into the finder and taking pictures until I can find and understand myself. If you see my photos, you can see who I am and what I am thinking at that moment, because I believe each photograph explains a little bit about me."


Rob McKirdie

Rhode Island School of Design

MFA, Sculpture

McKirdie was born in Palos Heights, Illinois. He grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rob relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2006, where he completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Practices and Bachelor of Science in Sculpture, cum laude, at Portland State University. He was nominated for the 2010 International Sculpture Center's Outstanding Student Achievement Award. For two years Rob was a Sculpture Co-­‐Op Co-­‐Coordinator at PSU where he facilitated sculpture workshops and bronze pours. In 2011, he spent a semester abroad, studying art in Italy. Rob is a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture candidate at Rhode Island School of Design.


JoAnn Poirier

Alfred University

BFA, Clay Printing

JoAnn Poirier is currently an undergraduate student at Alfred University pursuing a dual degree in fine arts and accounting. She has always had an interest in art, but it was not until high school that she found her passion for clay. After high school JoAnn continued her work in clay at a local studio and Alfred University. At the local studio she was introduced to clay printing, a print making technique invented by contemporary artist Mitch Lyons. Since then, JoAnn has continued working in clay printing and expanding the technique by utilizing modern technology. This past spring JoAnn introduced clay printing to Alfred University. JoAnn plans to continue experimenting in clay printing and further the development of this new medium.

JoAnn is inspired by media, women’s sexuality, business, politics, technology, her artistic mentors, rolling hills, wildlife, and random Google image searches.


Annie Ulrich

Middlebury College

BS, Studio Art & Theater

Annie Ulrich recently graduated from Middlebury College with a Bachelors in Studio Art and Theater (focus in costume design). During her time at Middlebury, she has designed the costumes for such plays as Into the Woods, As You Like It, and The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek. She has also been involved in community public art projects both on and off campus, including work with Marela Zacarías on her piece Azimuth for the Willowell Foundation. Recently her work in studio art has been preoccupied with the idea of connection and community, and how art can be a poignant way to bring people together in human connection. Annie is originally from Simsbury, Connecticut.